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Lace Cat Ears Headband Factory, Cheap Telephone Hair Ties

Lace Cat Ears Headband Factory, Cheap Telephone Hair Ties

Cat Ears For This Year, Because They're A Classic Spooky Accessory

LBR: Cat costumes have always been (and will always be) a Halloween staple — there's no way around it. After all, it's tried and true; simple, fun, and Lace Cat Ears Headband Factory flirty — so where do you get the best cat ears for your costume? Well, unsurprisingly, there are a ton of options out there... you can nab everything from your standard fluffy white headband ears, to something a little more abstract, a la the rhinestone cat ears popularized in the Girls' Generation K-pop hit, "I Got a Boy." Heck, if we're turning to pop stars, Taylor Swift also rocked the rhinestone cat ear headband look in her music video for "22," and Ariana Grande's all but made them part of her signature look.

Suffice it to say, there are are pretty much endless options when it comes to dressing up as a cat this Halloween, ranging from ultra-basic to ultra-chic, from pop star to Garfield. And whether your costume's as simple as a black bodysuit with matching ears, or as involved as the crazy face paint employed in Cats, it's sure to be fun — so, let's take a look at a roundup of some of the best cat ears from around the Internet.

Crystal Cat Ear Hairband

If you want to steal Tiffany/Taylor's music video look, this makes for a great dupe.

Faux Gem Cat Ear Headband

Lace Cat Ears Headband Factory 

Likewise, if you want to take the sparkly look of the last headband and amp it up to tiara-levels of bling, Forever 21's got you covered.

Lace Cat Ear Headband

Maison Close Lace Cat Ear Headband

This option is simple, sexy, and stylish all at once.

Faux Fur Cat Ears

Faux Fur Cat Ears

You can't go wrong with leopard.

Strike a Rose Cat Ear Headband

Strike a Rose Cat Ear Headband,

Floral cat ears are surprisingly popular this year — and for good reason. After all, cat ears and flower crowns are two of the best Halloween accessories ever — so why not combine them?

Halloween Dark Floral Cat Ears Headband

Halloween Dark Floral Cat Ears Headband, 

These are a fun, dark take on the whole floral cat ears trend.

Hello Kitty Ears Headband

Lace Cat Ears Headband Factory

Hello Kitty Halloween costumes never get old — especially since there are so many options.

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